13 thoughts on “Scores – Qualifying Round

      1. Freakzilladark says:

        Billy Mitchell, 18 year reign as King of Kong, first to achieve a Perfect Pac-Man score, the greatest video game player of all time. He’s a living legend. Billy Mitchell has done it all and beaten them all. He has done it with a class and a style like no one else. He will make a comeback and win the Kong-Off 6. There is no one better than Billy Mitchell.

  1. Rocky Rose says:

    Billy Mitchell is a SCRUB hes just an average dk player and he got exposed yet again as a BUM.He needs to kiss robbies butt and call him a king

  2. Matt McKinnon says:

    I agree 100% with everything Freak said in his comment. Billy Mitchell rules. Video game player of the century. Rocky says he’s an average Donkey Kong player? I suppose Tiger Woods is an average golfer too.

  3. Matt McKinnon says:

    I watched Robbie’s 3 hour YouTube video getting the high score on Donkey Kong. I couldn’t believe the talent this guy has. I think he’s going to be the king for many many years.

    1. Rocky Rose says:

      how is billy the gamer of the century when he only holds 1 world record?you sir are a gay billy kiss ass fag get

  4. Chris G. says:

    Great job to all players! I was honored to be counted among the greats this year. Big thanks to Jeff Harrist, Richie, Jeremy, Dan, Billy, and the team doing all the heavy lifting behind the scenes in addition to competing!

  5. Rocky Rose says:

    Billy Mitchells wife got turned on by Robbie Lakeman beating the ever living SHIT outta her husband billy mitchells ass.Billy kneeled down and had to suck off George riley bcuz George riley beat him in the opening rds.

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