1.  Age/Location Married/Single – 43 / La Habra, California / Girlfriend2.
2. Current Score/Ranking/Date Achieved  – 966,000 – #43 – 08/18/2013
3. Kong Offs Attended – KO2 – KO5. KO2 I was the first wildcard kill screen ever I believe with a score of 900,500 (600K on first man), would have been a perfect game if Richie did not interrupt me lol. Got 2 kill screens I believe during KO 3, KO4/5 did not do well at all haha
4. When you started playing DK and Why – Started playing in 2009, watched KOK and it got me really interested in it, was always my favorite game as a kid as well. I was stuck at home for 4 months after my heart surgery so I bought a mini mame machine and started playing DK every day. My high score during that time was 500,000
5. Other gaming achievements – DK 3 TG settings got 1.2 mil and 1.6 mil on easy settings, George Riley taught me everything haha. Got 90,000 on Kangaroo. 300k on DK JR.
6. What do you like doing in your spare time/hobbies – Researching and trading stocks, eating at nice restaurants, amusement parks (love roller coasters), hanging out with gaming friends, family and my girlfriend. Researching UFOs and paranormal crap 🙂
7. Favorite Movie/Favorite Song – Halloween (also favorite hobby, watching horror movies lol), Favorite song “Can I Play With Madness” from Iron Maiden
8. Favorite Video Game/System – Donkey Kong, game system: Intellivison
9) Do you have any gaming goals outside of DK? – outside of DK none, with DK to get 1 million at some point lol

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