1. Age/Location Married/Single/etc – 34/SF/To Be Married 2-14-18
2. Current Score/Ranking/Date Achieved – 990,700 at High Scores Arcade in Alameda
3. Prior Kong Offs you attended – Kong-Off 2 and 3
4. When you started playing DK and Why? – Started in 2010 after watching KOK because it looked easy.
5. Other gaming achievements – 3.3M in Asteroids. Have the high score on Arcade for the DK Hard ROMset.
6. What do you like doing in your spare time/hobbies – Magic (been in the International Brotherhood of Magicians since 1999), Poker (appeared on the MansionPoker.net Poker Dome Challenge and played in a HORSE event at the WSOP), film buff (double majored in film and wrote movie reviews for “The Tech” in college), Pool (used to compete in tournaments, have a few wins), fixing broken-ass arcade games!
7. Favorite Movie/Favorite Song – Favorite movie is tough, it changes all the time. A few favorites right now are: Alien, They Live, Sunrise, Detour, Modern Times, Clerks 2. Favorite song is “Smile” but can’t get enough of “I Left My Wallet in El Segundo” right now.
8. Favorite Video Game – Favorite game is probably Tetris or Wario’s Woods. Favorite arcade is Donkey Kong for sure, then probably Asteroids or Asteroids Deluxe.
9. Do you have any gaming goals outside of DK – Get into millions of Asteroids Deluxe, break the Asteroids WR.
10. Anything else interesting you would like to add. – Turns out Donkey Kong ain’t easy. Although pimpin’ is relatively easy—when compared to being a pimp’s employee.

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