Daniel Desjardins is a 5 time Kong-Off attendee and a 4 time competitor. He has competed in several tournaments and enjoys the classic games as well as the current titles. Always looks forward to meeting friends and hanging out at these events and this year is going to make it to the final round!
1.  Age/Location Married/Single – 47/VA/Married
2. Current Score/Ranking/Date Achieved  – 1,059,700- #20 – 06/21/2015
3. Kong Offs Attended – All of them!
4. When you started playing DK and Why – Started playing back when it first came out. The Holiday Market had a DK and Defender machine for the longest time and just played it when I could.. Got serious playing after Kong-Off 1 and getting back in with Twingalaxies.com
5. Other gaming achievements – Fix It Felix Jr World Record Holder (297,000), Space Taxi and Jumpman/Jumpman Junior C64 World Records, Crap Tournament Victory, MAME Event Champ, Getting First Place on Rally-X Arrangement during Yolympics 2016 and actually beating out some of the best gamers today!
6. What do you like doing in your spare time/hobbies – Enjoy Xbox One gaming with friends. Hanging with wife and kids. Enjoy playing most sports and am halfway decent at golf, bowling, etc. Also enjoy pool and have my own table finally!
7. Favorite Movie/Favorite Song – The Last Dragon and The Last Starfighter! Most Information Society and Depeche Mode songs are great as well as “The Show Must Go On” from Queen.
8. Favorite Video Game – Way too many depends on the system to pick just one. Commodore 64 is what I grew up on an Space Taxi has to be right at the top of the list. I also really enjoy Halo and Gears of War series on Xbox. Probably the best co-op campaign titles EVER.
9) Do you have any gaming goals outside of DK? – Work on getting Top Ranking for C64 at TG.  Get the trifecta badge (1 Million DK, 1.1 Million DKjr, 1 Million DK3 Hard). Get a cab/cabs and get to Rank A of DKMasters.
11. Currently holds 39 World Records and 57 total records at TwinGalaxies!

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