1. Age/Location Married/Single/etc – 42/Escondido, CA/Married
2. Current Score/Ranking/Date Achieved – 970,200/41st on DKF leaderboard/03-18-2016 – DKO 2016 #2
3.Prior Kong Offs you attended – This will be my first
4. When you started playing DK and Why? – Grade school – it was fun; re-visited when putting together a MAME cab with friends, circa 2004; got serious mid-2015
5. Other gaming achievements – A battery of Street Fighter WR’s on TG, and a smattering of other title records
6. What do you like doing in your spare time/hobbies – Video games and VG related tech stuff – repairing game boards, servicing my cabs, console and other modding
7. Favorite Movie/Favorite Song –  Too many of each to pick a “favorite”
8. Favorite Video Game/System – Street Fighter 2′: Champion Edition, a big fan of most things capcom from late-80’s to 2000’s (and some beyond), favorite console: Sega Saturn
9. Do you have any gaming goals outside of DK – Always a handful of goals, for WR achievement.  Among the top of the list currently is Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo TG WR
10. Anything else interesting you would like to add. –  I am an introvert.

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