1.  Age/Location Married/Single – 28/NZ/Not married
2. Current Score/Ranking/Date Achieved  – 1,014,600 – #32 – 08/14/2015
3. Kong Offs Attended – Kong Off Australia
4. When you started playing DK and Why – Started playing early 2014 not too long after I started getting involved with the cobbas here at DKF. Everyone else was playing and wanted to join in on the fun (even tho I hated the game at first lol)
5. Other gaming achievements – Stocker WR, Crap Tournament 8 Winner, Future Galaga world champion!
6. What do you like doing in your spare time/hobbies – Other than gaming I will watch sports, drink beer and sleep. Usually in that order. Up until recently Ive played competitive squash my whole life, but a bung shoulder has ruled me out for a while. Thinking about joining this season using my left hand
7. Favorite Movie/Favorite Song – Fav movie hmm….the colour of money? Haha jk. I really liked the green mile. Fav song too hard to decide. All depends on mood and if I’m balls deep in a game of something
8. Favorite Video Game – Fav game too hard to decide. In the modern-era I’d rank Burnout: Paradise very highly. Fav home system is easily N64.
9) Do you have any gaming goals outside of DK? – Win Galaga world champs and break both arcade records. Get a cab/cabs and get to Rank A of DKM at least. Also drink all the beers at Funspot with my mates next month
10. Anything else interesting you would like to add –  I’ll try almost anything once
11. Currently holds 75 World Records and 157 total records at TwinGalaxies!

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