1stRobbie Lakeman1,129,600
2ndJason Wade1,025,800
3rdJeff Wolfe1,013,500
4thDaniel Dock910,500
5thSteve Wiebe905,200
6thEric Tessler889,500
7thDave Clark884,200
8thGeorge Riley877,300
9thEthan Daniels841,400
10thDaniel Desjardins835,000
11thBilly Mitchell818,800
12thChris Gleed769,600
13thRoss Benziger738,200
14thAndrew Barrow733,700
15thRichie Knucklez485,700
16thJeremy Young428,300
17thChris Enright255,500
18thSandy Wolfe160,000
19thKayla Rose0
20thFaith Kong0
21stImoto Harney0

3 thoughts on “KO6 Scores – Qualifying Round

  1. Matt McKinnon says:

    I watched Robbie’s 3 hour YouTube video getting the high score on Donkey Kong. I couldn’t believe the talent this guy has. I think he’s going to be the king for many many years.

  2. Chris G. says:

    Great job to all players! I was honored to be counted among the greats this year. Big thanks to Jeff Harrist, Richie, Jeremy, Dan, Billy, and the team doing all the heavy lifting behind the scenes in addition to competing!

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