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March 16-18, 2018 – Banning, CA

The ultimate battle for Donkey Kong high scores is going down at Arcade Expo 4.0 – Museum of Pinball in Banning, CA. Contenders face off the first two days with the top 8 scores making it to the championship round. Championship round players square off in a head-to-head ONE CREDIT, NO RESTARTS, bracketed style contest to determine the Kong Off 6 champion! The winner will take home the belt and all bragging rights associated with being the champ!
This year’s line-up will host a slew of gamers with a lot to prove as Robbie Lakeman defends his Kong-Off 5 win and newly minted World Record 1,247.700 high score from Februrary 2018 against DK legends Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchell . Top contenders, Jason Wade, Ross Benziger, Jeff Wolfe, Dan Desjardins, Ethan Daniels, Andrew Barrow, Daniel Dock, Chris Gleed and Eric Tessler are also vying for the title of Kong-Off champion!
Plus, for the first time in history, a Women’s Competition will be featured at the event with the top scoring gamer taking the wildcard slot for the championship battle. The heir to Kong-Off, born and bred on DK, Faith Kong will battle for scores against the legendary Queen of Kong, Kayla Rose and globe-trotting gamer Imoto Harney. The event will go down as part of Arcade Expo 4.0 on the Museum of Pinball’s sprawling 18 acre, California hillside campus close to resorts, outlets and nightlife.
Special guests in attendance include the imitable Walter Day and founders Richie Knucklez (Kong-Off) & John Weeks (Museum of Pinball). Plus Jeff Harrist (Doneykongforum founder), Steve Grunberger, Coleen Melcer, Gerry Scott,  and George Riley (DK3 World Record Holder, Wildcard Contestant)
Arcade Expo will bring over 1,000 classic pinball and arcade games to attendees set to freeplay for the entire weekend plus overnight camping and the signature game night, Starcade.
Passes are on sale at http://www.thekongoff.com/tickets/ and space is limited, so grab yours before they’re all gone. Show up to the event like you know what you’re talking about with custom merch and signed collectibles only available at http://www.thekongoff.com/shop/.
Special thanks to http://donkeykongforum.com/, the official forum for all things DK.
It’s on like Donkey Kong! See you there.

19 thoughts on “Kong Off 6

  1. Rocky Rose says:


  2. Rocky Rose says:

    Billy Miychell must get turned on by getting whooped by younger guys because that’s whats bout to happen.Maybe billy mitchells wife gets wet over it.

  3. Jason Brittain says:

    I wish I could’ve made it this year as well. Richie is amazing and has done so much work and put so much effort in everything he always does every year for this amazing event. I wish I was there! :-). Richie is such an awesome friend and I’d like to wish everyone good luck for the tournament and I’m hoping finally I can make it next year. :-). There will be a fundraiser here for me on the 23rd for the next years Kong Off! :-). I’ll be in other fundraisers as well the rest of this year and hopefully I’ll be ready to come next year! :-). Hope everyone has loads of fun! :-).

  4. WOR says:

    Tiger is 5 strokes back, March Madness and Weibe is in Sunday’s KO6 H2H bracket play. It’ll be a good day regardless.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Rudy j ferretti I saw his videos it was about the kong offs 1-6 did richie knucklez say that console gamers are no good it is a good thing I didn’t go there is a lot of drama between rudy ferretti and twin galaxies. Rudy ferretti says you didn’t want him at the kong off because you we’re being exposed. I think richie can’t beat rudy ferretti one in gaming console I think rudy ferretti is the best console gamer go rudy ferretti I think you are a cool guy without or with the sunglasses. I think you called richie knucklez to say he’s a fake or phony. I think that richie knucklez could be a con artist at the end it’s going to bite them in the ass.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Rudy j ferretti I don’t need to go to kong off to prove my self that I can play donkey kong I go to level one barcade as long as your drinking the games are free they have donkey kong. Old north arcade has donkey kong dearranged which is harder than donkey kong it’s self. But I’m a console gamer myself if richie knucklez says those things especially to the wrong person they Will knock him out for the count. Rudy j ferretti I know your pissed off but all you can do is pray for richie knucklez and the people that he associates with. I watched the king of kong documentary. Rudy ferretti do you think Billy Mitchell used mame on donkey Kong and pacman. If he did he cheated and it’s going to come back to haunt him. Rudy ferretti Billy Mitchell has not had the perfect game in Pac man it’s nothing but a blackass lie. Rudy ferretti I know I don’t have a perfect game at pacman I think Billy Mitchell is trying to bullshit the public but you can’t bullshit the almighty God. Rudy ferretti keep doing your thing I think your best console gamer in the world. Go Rudy ferretti your friend Damon Stewart.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Rudy ferretti if we ever see each other in real life you and me can be best friends forever. And someday I Will play you one on one in console games. You Will probably beat the shit out of me that’s okay it’s nothing but a game. Your friend Damon Stewart.

  8. Damon says:

    Rudy feretti you and I know better that billy Mitchell didn’t score 2 million points on pacman he thinks we were born yesterday he uses mame like he did on donkey Kong instead of doing it on the arcade game and that is cheating. One day billy Mitchell is going to pay for what he done.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Why don’t they have a Pacman or mspacman or galaga local tournaments instead of the same old thing with donkey Kong try something different like arkanoid , centipede, burgertime,robotron2084 or track and field.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Rudy j ferretti there is going to be a kong off 7 in march 2019 in banning,California my friend jason wade is going and some people are going to be there robbie lakeman and a few others but Damon won’t be there I rather go to a barcade and play donkey kong than go out to banning,ca its just a waste of time and money. Richie knucklez knows what he is doing is not right and makes me sick to my stomach it’s disgusting what billy mitchell, walter day,Patrick scott Patterson, richie knucklez have done they have ruined gaming altogether.

  11. wakefu says:

    My name is wakefu and I play donkey kong with myself on twitch tv while watching cochese788 stream.you all should visit cochese788 on twitch he plays games and donkey kong on nes I fap to it.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Rudy ferretti I heard you were banned from the tecmo bowl tournaments because your two siblings beat you if they did it wasn’t by that much.

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